RNG Coin provides unique feature to attach comments of up to 528 characters to every transaction and store it permanently on the RNG network. Unique compression method makes possible to transmit up to 2000 symbols per transaction. This meant that transaction comments could act as decentralized, immutable, and permanent descriptive records of coin transactions in the RNG blockchain, safe from tampering and visible to all in the blockchain.

Unique Features

Transaction metadata storage – The RNG Coin blockchain supports a transaction comment to be attached with any RNG Coin transaction on the network. This allows a secure and tamper-proof descriptive record to be saved along with any transaction. It also opens up new ways of utilizing this feature to expand the decentralized applications of blockchain a.k.a DAPPS, such as: Global open library, Patent system, Pregenerated random numbers, Messaging, Data streaming, Decentralized Notary, Decentralized Voting, decentralized email platform, Decentralized exchange platform, Payment channels and database services, p2p Encryption keys exchange, Smart contracts storage and many more. All these Dapps available to built using the the comment option to notarize any file on the RNG blockchain.

To prevent a future problem of scalability, RNG Coin uses a compression of blockchain db (Berkley database) to prevent future problems with blockchain size.


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