RNG E-Commerce tool

RNG Coin can be used by online merchants as a more secure, cheaper, faster, and easier payment option than bitcoin. Users only need to install the RNG Coin node or a small PHP script to begin using it as an e-commerce tool. Additionally, online merchants can solicit the same payment address for multiple transactions by utilizing the built in comment function. This allows vendors to store transaction IDs to ensure proper accounting. Finally, vendors are able to utilize offline cold storage of their wallets in order to guarantee security and eliminate the possibility of threats. This function is currently under development and scheduled for implementation in March 2019.

RNG Coin allows users to attach a comment to each payment. Each comment has the ability to act as a unique identifier. While bitcoin generates a unique address for each transaction to serves as the identifier, RNG Coin allows users the ability to accept payments to the same address multiple times.

Consider this example:

Alice and Jane each separately purchase an item from Bobs website for 100 RNG. An invoice is generated for Alice indicating that she owes 100 RNG. The comment section of the invoice indicates it is for transaction #98111. Therefore, when Alice sends her payment, she will include “#98111” in the transaction comment section.
Next, Janes invoice will indicate the transaction her separate order #90123. This will ensure that vendors never confuse the orders.


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