A modified classic block explorer, designed as a gaming block explorer. Additional functions allow viewing of gaming history, storing of encrypted per-generated random numbers before the game starts. After the game is completed, the block explorer auto decrypts and publishes these per-generated random numbers.

This gives users the ability to verify per-generated random numbers with the numbers used during the gaming session — thus turning a classic block explorer into a new type of blockchain gaming platform.

Gaming block explorer powered by Iquidus Explorer open source software, is a part of our infrastructure. Gaming block explorer cooperates with Shared secret service and also gaming platform. These services interacting with each other forming a a consistent chain of applications based on the advantages of blockchain technology, decentralization and cryptography.

Gaming block explorer has a convenient and simple interface that allows ordinary users to use a advantages of cryptography and decentralization without any knowledge of this area. Gaming block explorer is created to solve the issues of honesty and transparency in gambling.


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