Blockchain Storage

Storing data/comments on the RNG blockchain. The RNG Coin development team is constantly striving to enhance our user-experience by implementing innovative and cutting-edge tools. One of our newest features allows users the ability to send comments to accompany their coin transaction.
Each individual transaction allows users to add a message up to 528 characters. Users are also afforded the option to utilize our unique compression method, which can accommodate and transmit up to 2000 symbols per transaction!
Additionally, the true beauty of this feature is that it acts as a data storage device within the blockchain. These comments/messages that are sent with each individual transaction are permanently stored on the RNG network.
This allows the comments to serve as decentralized, tamper-proof description records – visible to everyone in the blockchain. To prevent a future problem of scalability, RNG Coin uses a compression of blockchain db (Berkley database) to prevent future problems with blockchain size.


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