Founded in 2017 by a group of enthusiasts united around the common idea of cryptography and decentralization, we started researching and developing new types of secure encryption technology. The idea of RNG Сoin evolved from our belief in the need for secure Random Numbers Generation to underpin a host of everyday uses.

Based on Proof-of-Work, RNG Сoin is a mineable coin. Our philosophies are based on Satoshi Nakamoto's ideas of decentralization and cryptography - building on them to develop a new type of coin with improved cryptography and advanced functionality.

We've built RNG Coin with unique functions such as: transaction comments, Shared Secret (web and Qt realisations), Random Numbers Generation, gaming block explorer, planned note decryption, and a messenger service based on RNG, as well as many more.

This has all been driven by our belief that decentralization, blockchain technology and cryptography will change the world for the better.



Version 1.0.0
Windows 7 and above


Mac OS

Version 1.0.0



Version 1.0.0
Ubuntu 17.04



Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


Version 1.0.0


Network (GH/s)
{ "proof-of-work": 0.06973492534899385, "proof-of-stake": 0.03124953806378272, "search-interval": 1 }
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Our goals

  • March 2018

    Shared Secret

    Web development and integration

  • April 2018

    Transaction comment optimisation

    Berkley db compression, preventing scalability issues

  • May 2018

    Gaming block explorer

    Block explorer modification. Shared secret and game history features integration

  • July

    Additional encryption

    Integration of public/private keys into the wallet. Decentralized encrypted data exchange

  • August

    Hybrid POS

    Hybrid POS block validation, protection against Sybil attack

  • September 2018

    Electrum wallet

    Integration of RNG Coin into Electrum wallet

  • October 2018

    RNG Certification

    Big Crush tests for RNG algorithms

  • October 2018

    Exchange listing

    Submitting a RNG Coin to the several exchanges

  • November 2018

    Web account interface

    Launching final common interface

  • November 2018

    Mobile wallets

    Android and iOS release

  • December 2018

    MVP Protocol development

    MVP Protocol development for further infrastructure

  • January 2019

    Master nodes

    Master nodes testnet launching

  • March 2019

    Sidechains MVP

    Sidechains MVP Protocol development

  • April 2019

    Smart contracts

    Smart contracts testnet launching

  • May 2019

    Super Nodes

    Super Nodes testnet

  • June 2019

    Shared money testnet

    Private sending "Shared money" test mode

  • June 2019


    Sidechains launching

  • July 2019

    RNG Messenger

    RNG Messenger launching as the first sidechain Dapp

  • August 2019

    Decentralized exchange

    Decentralized exchange of RNG tokens based on sidechains and smart contracts


Rng Coin (RNG)

0.01 USD (-2,70%)

0,00001252 BTC





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RNG Coin [RNG] added for voting on C-CEX!
Please, vote here: https://t.co/lDKo8eho1q

RNG Coin is added for voting into cryptohub exchange. Please vote us for listing approval - https://t.co/WDQ5MpFUUJ

Dear followers, 11th of July RNG Coin network reached up to 102 GH/s network speed and entered into the top 15 of scrypt coins by network speed and coin's difficulty. Fantastic result and great support of mining community.

Good news, dear subscribers! RNG Coin is now available on GitHub. We are happy to inform you RNG Coin become available to public scrutiny. After that mining hashrate increased almost to 300% first 2 hours. We feel proud of every person to get involved. Thanks for being with us!

Our bitcointalk thread is live.

RNG gaming block explorer. https://t.co/yoW0i7BE6r

RNGcoin connects both cryptography and blockchain together. The usage of the Random Numbers Generation technology has no limits. It can be used in many cases including, but not limited to: gambling, secure messaging, secure data, lottery, end-to-end encryption and many more.

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some infrastructure which actively developing for our platform

Block Explorer

Block Explorer is an online block chain browser which displays the contents of individual blocks and transactions and ...

Shared Secret

Shamir's Secret Sharing is an algorithm in cryptography created by Adi Shamir. It is a form of secret sharing, where a secret is divided into parts...

Mining Pool

In the context of cryptocurrency mining, a mining pool is the pooling of resources by miners, who share their processing power over a network.


Any computer that connects to the RNG network is called a node. Nodes that fully verify all of the rules of RNG network are called full nodes.

Coin mixer

What is coin mixer? A coin mixer is essentially a means of making cryptocurrency transactions more anonymous and harder to track.

Gaming block explorer

A modified classic block explorer, designed as a gaming block explorer. Additional functions allow viewing of gaming history, storing of encrypted...

RNG service

Based on the Block Hashing Algorithm, RNG Coin's random numbers generation is secured and covered by RNGs decentralized network and Satoshi's encryption algorithms.

Shared Secret Qt

Transmission of encrypted public and viewing of a note's description in a public block explorer - as well as direct messages signed by public key...

Web Wallet

A secure and reliable online wallet for RNG Coin. By registration in the online wallet, the user gains access to all our services, including...

Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchanges — also known as DEX’s are a new technology that facilitate cryptocurrency trading on a distributed ledger.

Crypto messenger

Crypto Messenger with is a multifunctional decentralized messenger including the features of a classic messenger and multi-currency crypto-wallet.

Planned note decryption

Imagine that you need to make a planned publication of important information to the public e.g. a partnership agreement for your company...


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